Stereo Tone Control Circuit with Opamp

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Stereo Tone Control Circuit with Opamp

Built on stereo tone control circuit TL072, LM358 Opams PCB dimensions are small 56x68mm. The supply voltage of the tone control circuit is unipolar. A virtual ground is created with the LM358 opamp. The voltage is connected according to the follower circuit. Using the voltage divider R3R4, half the supply voltage is applied to the non-inverting input and the inverting input is connected to the op-amp output. Thus, half of the supply voltage is provided at the output of U2.1, which is a virtual ground in the tone control circuit. NE5532 opamp IC can be used instead of TL072.

Characteristics of Tone Control Circuit

Supply voltage (DC): 6-20V
Current consumption: 15mA
Input signal voltage: 200mV
Output signal voltage: 500mV


LF: 10-300Hz
MF: 300Hz-3kHz
RF: 3-20kHz

Stereo Tone Control Circuit Diagram with Opamp



Note: After the installation is complete, clean the resin residues on the solder surface of the printed circuit board, otherwise there may be distortions in the audio signal.


Alternative for PCB file of Stereo Tone Control Circuit; password:

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