Author: Burhan

After Cleaning The Integrated Soldering Condition

In the past it was the problem does not clear after the circuit board soldering. clean lehimliyordum finishings hand prone to it:), but it’s not even the jobs guarantee problems by chance after seeing the problems with soldering circuit card I got into the habit of cleaning, repair, construction of the circuit doesn’t matter sometimes

Cordless screwdriver to run with Transformer

At work I am running about 1 years charged with screwing screwing device in the market, cheap Cordless transformer 4.8 v, etc.. I mean, I guess it was a price, such as more batteries gave out already 15tl much yield did not expect occasional uses, but a permanent solution to the problem is to use

Temperature Switch Fan Control Op amp

Cooler temperatures above by to run the fan I used a circuit test ready while we wanted to share a circuit LM358 op amp pointed at the board integrated output N channel mosfet (IRF540, 50N06 or IRFZ44) used 10k NTC temperature according to the output gives the work the threshold on the circuit 25k potentiometer

DC to DC Converter Circuit SG3524 SG3525 2X30V

Now I think about it in my head a lot of trouble while this circuit how I applied stunned quite a time now , huh now ha then say a kind I have not shared this day kısmetmiş Anyway my point was very useful to practice a lot of experience earned now DC DC Converters

TDA7294 Amplifier Circuit Small PCB

the TDA7294 200W can power on the circuit with a bridge connection 2 TDA7294 is used for the CPU cooler mounted and very small size of the PCB can be used. 2x100w 200W mono output can be used as single or two-channel stereo. All jumpers all the jumpers on the circuit short circuit open circuit

Car Amplifier Circuit TDA8560Q 2X40W

TDA1562Q I discovered after his clean sound that amplifier IC TDA8560Q output power 2×40 w operating voltage 18v dc single source to use in the car for 6 … ideal for cpu cooler can be used for adding the chip cooler fan mounted there mute feature for use in the car, this section can be

20Led Stereo VU Meter Circuit KA2281

Previously KA2281 20 LED mono VU Meter to the circuit I shared the stereo version also am sharing this circuit 2 ka2281 used pcb printed circuit board dimensions mono version of the same operating voltage 12v dc R – L audio input located on the knob with LED combustion can adjust the level printed circuit

Adjustable Current 6V 12V Battery Charger Circuit

I’m looking at a project for battery charging circuits, I found a very nice circuit applied a 6 volt 12 volt batterys worked the circuit for high-current battery is rechargeable, Kenwood. Charging circuit 2 protection, indicator when the battery voltage is set one over charge protection is active and the other is the deep discharge

200W Amplifier Circuit TDA2030 New PCB

2 Piece TDA2030A output power transistors connecting the power upgraded 200w amp circuit We all know I think this circuit, the first in 2000 Elektor I saw it in a long thin pcb printed circuit drawings had worked fine had in fact circuit the purpose of making my hand on my transformer was to evaluate

Regulator 7805 with Fan control

Occasionally some PC power supplies I’ve seen a different fan control circuit usually transistor circuits are used , but in this circuit 7805-5 volt positive regulator IC 1 7v zener 1 x 470 ohm resistor and 3k NTC used logic simple first voltage amplification phenomenon Let me tell you though 78xx , 79xx series and


@ Erhan my brother as a gift a few LPC1102 ARM have come, but in the market these tiny chip to use the inverter board (head board) do not get it right itself on the internet, sharing a lot has made me a contribution I get visibly pleased inverter board to do the job I

LM3886 LM1876 2+1 Hi Fi Amplifier Project

Always on my mind I would say if you did a nice 2.1 amp circuit .. although oddly fond of side projects on the internet, not a nice mono, stereo amplifier circuit as they do not have in abundance , but 2 +1 … Half- bass is solid at National Semiconductor LM3886 amplifier integrated product

Led Effect Circuit Attiny2313 Multi Function

Led effect circuits, including myself, a lot of people might be interested, especially this sort LEDs and LED circuits have great interest in blue, white, LED prices now old and not so expensive LED effect circuit 12 LEDs used effects transition and speed adjustment buttons is done with used microcontroller ATtiny2313 Circuit source. Bass. Hex,.

20 Led VU Meter Circuit KA2281

KA2281 previously with various vu meter circuit I made , but all mono circuit stereo manufacturer has two channels has been a challenge but in the end a bit of trouble in the scheme worked beautifully :) Original diagram 15, 16 pins between the 50k resistor connected in this way the circuit full does not

Simple Attiny2313 Programmer Circuit Com Port RS232 PonyProg

An application for a little research, I found a lot of circuit I had to attiny2313, but because of the lack of material and computer problems, did not provide to take care of my business as soon as possible, be simple:) circuits At the end of the programmed took the Savior was COM port again