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PWM Motor and Power Control with PIC16F84

| 2008/03/05

PIC16F84 4 MHz crystal is connected 100 Hz PWM output produces a pulse width of 10 separate levels are adjusted these values ​​asm software vary from circuit only engine that not all GUS control applications can be used on a frequency of 50 Hz is set inverters driven circuit two buttons have their power levels…

IR Remote Control Circuits with PICmicro

| 2008/01/12

PIC12F629, PIC16F630, PIC16F84 microcontroller prepared with different control circuits available 3-8-10 Channel Control projects have hex and asm code only 10 channels available in the command and control circuit pcb file. Check-in will use the PIC can control various devices by the control elements from the simplest relay circuits used in IR Remote Control with…

PICmicro Controlled Dimmer Circuits

| 2008/01/12

PIC16F84, pic16f629, made ​​with PIC12C508 microcontroller series voltj dimmer control applications 220v mains operated and manual controls available in circuits CAUTION Be careful is working with high voltage capacitor circuit connections Beware + – If you connect the high voltage polarity may be large explosions before running the insured Power Line circuit, protective goggles Pic…

Stepper Motor Control Circuit with PIC16F84A mosfet

| 2008/01/12

PIC16F84 stepper motor control circuit is the button to the right to the left button is pressed, the motor rotates continuously in the opposite direction to the right Doderer stop button will stop the motor. The engine speed is adjusted by changing the setting of a frequency crystal oscillator RC oscillator instead of the value…

Counter Circuits with PIC16F628 PIC16F84 PIC16F877

| 2008/01/12

PIC16F877, PIC16F84, PIC16F628 microcontroller software is based on the counter circuits pic-assembly prepared with PicBasic pro Circuits able to count from 0 to 9999 source code reengineer isis oluşturulabilit different working modes. Dns files there can simulate circuits 0-9 0-99 PIC16F877 pic basic matrix counter, with 3 Digit counter PIC16F84 UpDown PIC16F628 with LCD Programmable…