Author: Ahmed Yerli

LED Spotlight Lamp SMD5050

Which meant my mind for a while to do but I think the new 20W Halogens in the bathroom that led from their place and occur at the end of SMD5050 I wanted to share the spotlight. Each of the light is nice, although certain Halogens, heat, and power consumption is high. Also will be

Tone-Controlled TDA7377 Amplifier Project

I guess you have to know the power amplifier tda7377 integrated a high-performance chip compared to the price. TL074 Tone Control opamp DC rectifier used in the project on the floor low operating voltage DC 8V to 18V on the PCB is integrated with solid filte… 50…the AC outlet 12V DC 60W transformer you can

Project RAS100 Amplifier 4X100W

I’ve shared before, “Ras100 100W hi fi Amplifier version 2” as I applied RAS100 4x amplifier project the circuit in addition to DC power supply filter speaker protection circuits that have a solid and I made this special for Channel 4. PCB diode Bridge DC filter hasn’t already been used in the design of the

Stereo Amplifier Project with LM3886

LM3886 integrated amplifier is a very popular application I have made a custom design I’ve done, I share it. There are differences between the PCB primarily with photos, some of the material in my hand because of some values in the development stage. – you get based on the drawing of the PCB. the value

Complete Speaker Protection Circuit

Transistor protection circuit for the amp speaker I’ve shared before, “and led Delayed-Exciting DC Speaker protection circuit” The advanced form of the application is different. with the characteristics of the speaker protection circuit; detects a DC voltage leakage which can damage speakers, the speaker disconnects the amplifier from short-circuit (overcurrent protection), overheating protection and thermostat

TEA2025B stereo Amplifier circuits

the TEA2025B battery 6V stereo Amplifier circuits that will work with my goal of making an amp that could power enough and relatively practical. In fact, this recipe is more Class D amfile and ready to comply with but is not because I don’t want to use the chance to get this out of my

Compact Stereo Amplifier Project

A previous article, I shared my “TDA7294 Stereo amplifier circuit of controlled Loudspeaker-protected tons of” project was a more compact amp. Designed for use on my computer. Amplifier TDA2030, popular with LM1875, the sight of TDA2040, can be used in a one-to-one connections this amplifier circuits TDA2050 integrations are compatible with different output power and

TDA7294 Stereo Amplifier Circuit Of Controlled Loudspeaker-Protected Tone

Hi guys, I used the new project again with proven performance, sound, price TDA7294 an amplifier IC. This project, in addition to double check before I share tons of “delayed and Led Excitation Speaker DC protection circuit TDA7294 Stereo” and “2X100” projects, we can say that a combination of amplifier circuit (when the minor detail

Constant voltage, output power Supply Set for experiments

Hi friends, As our name suggests in this circuit multifunction power supply. However, its share has been to make the circuit of the bay I barely find time. I have my bass with the PCB of the card, but you can see the slight differences based on PCB y. If you change the PCB will

TDA7294 Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit

Guys Hi, I come to you with a new circuit. To tell you from the beginning, this circuit is developed with requests from me. These are simple, low-cost, practical, small size and a subwoofer amplifier for a standard home environment was sufficient.I think it’s just been such a circuit.Amplifier power is flawed TDA7294 with max.

Speaker DC Protection Circuit Delayed and LED alarm

The circuit can be delayed and led excitation speaker dc protection circuit.A current of approx. 70mA. The appropriate value for the high voltages are selectable Rs resistance. For example: Amplifier 2x24Vac with the feed from the same place, we can get this circuit.Aim will be about how to find the value and power of direncimizin

100W Hi Fi Amplifier Ras100 Version 2

Before “the new Hifi Amplifier Mosfet RAS300 RAS100 and PCB drawings” article for the RAS-100 100W MOSFET amplifier PCB shared drawing sketch I changed I said there’s no difference, but in fact the V2 have in terms of usability and pleasing to the eye to have had the opportunity to study the differences in performing

Symmetrical Power Supply Circuits

Symmetrical power resources tone control , etc. preamf . To run such circuits or different circuits , you can use in experiments . The most popular circuits used , positive and negative regulator IC based on the manufacturer’s drawings were made according to standard schemes , but do not forget to check the PCB drawing

Hifi Amplifier Mosfet RAS300 RAS100 PCB drawings

Design Nico Ras belonging to site RAS300 300w mosfet power (100w and shared RAS100 amplifikatörlerine I share my PCB drawings belonging to the PCB drawings created with proteus in addition to ares ros300, you can use the same circuit inside the power supply circuit diagram in ras100 Hifi Amplifier Mosfet RAS100 New PCB Design;

Complete amplifier 100W TDA7294

100W Amplifier circuit based on TDA7294 vu meter on a single PCB (LM3914), bass, treble tone controls for setting circuit (opamp 4558) and the supply circuit’s. The potency of tone control circuit wires soldered to the metal chassis to be connected to the chassis vu meter circuit if the LEDs mounted in an inclined position