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Amateur Radio SSB VFO PLL Transceiver Receiver Circuits

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And the other part, and use the 9MHz crystal filter, and switch the crystal oscillation of the carrier, the upper – – Zener has been let out also -, Ro~ua. MIC AMP is, making the DSB is placed in the ring modulators 1N60 4 pieces, the AF signal of 0.5V was used for about 40dB amplify the OP AMP 741 I make through the SSB filter is amplified by AMP of 2SK241. The filter, diode received – detected by the 1N60 amplified in two stages 2SK241 by fart the de SW, spin in the LM386 – sounds mosquitoes.
a 14MHz The MIX in the SN76514, the signal from the signal of 5MHz

14MHz SSB transceiver

Amateur Radio SSB VFO PLL Transceiver Receiver Circuits 14mhz 50mhz 5mhz pll vfo ssb

50MHz SSB transceiver

As you can see from the block diagram, transceivers very ordinary output of 250mW. SSB generator part, was to use one of the available 14MHz transceiver made earlier. It is the configuration of the power supply unit from the substrate and a total of two. In order to 250mW, the output from the generator part, requires amplification of about 34 ~ 44dB by taking into account the attenuation of the DBM because it is about-10dBm about. I made in the amplifier stage two of the original 2SC2053 2SC1906, but was increased by one step output shortage, the FET2SK241

144MHz PLL FM receiver

I tried to make the 144MHz band FM receiver using PLL VFO. The device, MC3359, PLL circuit is orthodox with MC145163 in 2SK241, IF to RF. 75 × 50 and the 50, PLL 75 ×, I made a substrate Sunhayato of 10K (70 × 100) a receiving unit to compact this time. I use it without cutting because it is convenient all the time if I one piece board.


You are using the VFO-5 of Mizuho now, but you would use the considerable effort and suffer from QRH When it comes to own this. PLL VFO A developed this time, you can make changes at 1KHz step the range of 5 ~ 5.5MHz use the MC145163. It is inconvenient at 1KHz step but as that you get together the frequency to the other party first I tried to own in SSB

14MHz5W SSB transceiver

tried to make 14MHzSSB transceiver output 5W using the 2SC1171 in the final (transverter part). Is converted to 14MHz is placed in a MIX of the DBM made with ferrite bead FB801, a signal of SSB of 9MHz from the generator unit made last time, 2SC1171 is amplified by AMP three-stage 2SK241, 2SC1906, 2SC2053

DBM module

Because I use the DBM fine to radio production, I tried to modularize a small board. Pay in-black BLK-300 of Sunhayato, also look better if Katamere to this. You can compact more I used the FB801 to the core, but if I use the quad diode to diode also, the FB101 Digital display 14MHz SSB transceiver

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