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PIC16F84 Simple LED Blink PIC-C

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In this project, I PIC16F84A microcontroller PORTB bits to 0 (RB0) LED (light emitting diode) is connected. In the project, this LED is extinguished and burned at intervals of 250 milliseconds. was operated with a 4MHz crystal microcontroller. RB0 port (pin 6) is connected to a resistor and an LED.

PIC16F84 LED Blink Schematic

PIC16F84 Simple LED Blink PIC C pic led yak

PIC16F84 LED Blink Code

* 	LED Blink PIC-C
*	===========================
* Yazan: Dogan Ibrahim
* Tarih:   Mart 2003
* Dosya: PROJE1.C
#include <pic.h>
#include <delay.c>

TRISB = 0;			// PORTB bits do outputs

for(;;)				//continuous loop
RB0 = 0;		// LED OFF
DelayMs(250);		//250ms wait
RB0 = 1;		//LED ON
DelayMs(250);		//250ms wait

Source: http://www.yayinevi.bilesim.com.tr/images/PROJE5-1.doc

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