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Automatic Polarity Stabilizer Simple Relay Circuit

Simple circuit with relay that directs output at the correct polarity when DC input is reversed. In reverse polarity protection, there is no output in the wrong connection. With this circuit, it gives output in all kinds of connections. In this connection there is a circuit that is inserted between the power supply and the

Speaker Short Circuit Protection Circuits

Amplifier features delay, dc protection and temperature monitoring across the speaker protection circuits. Since the application of short circuit protection is not flexible, most speakers are not in the protection circuit. You can use the appropriate one according to your amp, which will include various short circuit protection circuits. For the first circuit transistor amp

Electronic Circuit Elements Symbols

High resolution posters with symbols of basic electronic circuit elements for beginners, amateurs or electronic hobbyists. If there is room in your electronic workshop, you can hang it on your wall and it will make your environment more enjoyable. Electronic component symbol poster Earth Symbols, Resistance Symbols, Capacitor Symbols, Inductor Symbols, Measurement Symbols, Electromechanical Devices,

Simple Line Follower Robot Circuit

microchip Picless line tracking robot is a simple design to create a basic line tracking robot with CNY70 sensor and a few additional components instead of making a pic or arduino line following robot. In the diagram shown, you can see how the circuit works, when the led of the CNY70 sensor reflects a reflective

LED Spotlight Lamp SMD5050

Which meant my mind for a while to do but I think the new 20W Halogens in the bathroom that led from their place and occur at the end of SMD5050 I wanted to share the spotlight. Each of the light is nice, although certain Halogens, heat, and power consumption is high. Also will be

Electronic Circuit Diagrams Part-2

Most of the comments shared with a lot of various electronic circuit diagrams simple structure can be easily implemented with less material on board is the circuit board you can experiment and bred from the NTC transistor and the heat-sensitive circuit the stress on the environment when it’s hot NTC temperature sensitive circuit is reduced.

PCB Ruler Desing

Interesting for those interested in electronics studies, electronics will work in PCB ruler while I’d love to see designs of designs on the card sometimes the setting materials, etc. with these things, the rulers PCB serves. The first Eagle PCB design program, crafted with double-decker design made of source .have brd you can use to

Electronic Circuit Diagrams Part-1

9 seconds display timer circuit Display timer display circuit “””timing circuit NE555 CD4017 LED indicator 9 seconds” counter cd4511 CMOS circuit for the display relay output circuit BDC has developed a bit more again added the devices that connect to the relay contacts can be controlled. Schmitt trigger connected to the turn-off time relay type

Power Led Flashing Police Circuit Simple

This circuit is a bit more classic two-transistor flip flop circuit Police Flashing LED lamp made ​​by developing two low-power white LEDs power LEDs more than normal LED current to draw high power transistors in the circuit Police used in the Age of transistor circuit diagram of the codes, the codes specified in the schema,

With a simple Timing circuit CD4060

One is a timer circuit with IC CD4060 … made a simple but efficient circuit. The trials have been successful. The drawing shows a connected T1 examined transistor oval. This link connects to the foot of the No. 7 is approximately half a second with a seconds timing. It is time to stand up to

National Instruments Serial Quick Reference Guide

National instruments good old hey “LM” series we know if I remember correctly, the integrated circuit 1.2 years ago I bought the firm Texas Instruments TI “” products are produced for a long time, probably still piysada well detailed documentation National Instruments products made in a document prepared by serial connection protocols, 60 KB in

ULN2803 Liquid Level Indicator Circuit

In general, the computer parallel lpt port or motor drive circuits we have seen in the regulatory integrated liquid level gauge as you can use the output to 8 LEDs connected fluid location 12 volt + is given into the liquid to desired levels by the LEDs are deployed. I would say, but with the

Amplifier Circuits 1W 2.5W TDA7052 LM386 LM380N

Low-power audio applications frequently used LM380N, crafted with LM386 amplifier circuits 3 TDA7052 amplifier circuit. the same for all the integrated master PCB prepared drawing seems a just some elements of the settlement changed by this different integrated circuits. 1W amplifier 2 .5W Amp circuits, standard power indicator led, power switch and dimming potentiometer input

Headphone Amplifier TDA2822M

According to the size of the force is quite a popular TDA2822M amplifier IC is used in computer applications, as well as headphone amp seslendirmesinin connection according to the shape of the stereo or bridge connection with single channel can give higher audio. The author used as a headphone amplifier 4 ohm 8 ohm or

LDR and Transistor Automatic Light-Dark Switch Project

Light, dark Switch circuit operation to circuit is located on the DipSwitch 5 number must be open. 1 and 2, 3 and 4 are closed while the circuit connected to the relay output device the light key (bright environments. If the device stops the dark environment.) It is used in. 1 and 2, 3 and