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100W Hi-fi AmplifierCircuit symasym

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Quality design a beautiful Amplifier circuit have all the details oscilloscopes and voltage measurements PCBs have specified additional circuit diagrams

100W HI-FI Amplifier

THD: ~0.005% (measured) sim’d: 0.002%
Power into 8ohm: 60 watts
Power into 4ohm: 100 watts
Gain: 32dB (~1:40) full output at 0.7v input (0.5v rms)
Feedback: 57dB
Phase margin: > 90°
Supply voltage: +/- 36v
Biasing: 55ma, 12.1mv across a single 0.22 ohm
Frequency response: 3.2hz to 145khz (-1db) using 4.7uf input cap
Phaseshift at 10khz: <3° More will follow !

100W Hi fi AmplifierCircuit symasym 100w devre normal hifi 150x150 100W Hi fi AmplifierCircuit symasym 100w devre simulasyon 150x150

100W Hi fi AmplifierCircuit symasym ClassAB amplifier audioband bjt transistor Symasym5

Source: www.lf-pro.net/mbittner/Sym5_Webpage/symasym5.html 100W Hi-fi AmplifierCircuit symasym pcb schematic alternative link: 100w-hi-fi-amplifiercircuit-symasym.rar

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