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LM1875 22W Stereo Amplifier Circuit Tone Controlled

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A lot 5.1 sound system used in the quality of an amplifier IC lm1875 circuit two used this integrated shape and leg connections TDA2030A is the same amp for the supply rectifier and filter capacitor the same pcb on the tone control (bass, treble) for what 5532 op-amp used in addition to called bypass feature has low noise opamp amplifies the tone 15volt zeners achieved by the supply the circuit is working with symmetrical voltage transformer to be used must be 2x2amp 2x18v

Tone Controlled LM1875 Stereo Amplifier Project

LM1875 22W Stereo Amplifier Circuit Tone Controlled lm1875 22w

Consider low power, simple circuit, with the best sound control (some people like to have a good control of the sound level), low cost, DIY easy I think positioned between 20W ~ 30W Well, it compares a lot to the network circuit, the final choice of the power amplifier IC LM1875 circuit

Too many people on the network brought it relatively low-cost TDA2030, and the market seems to have handed in a lot of the words rubbed off by the TDA2030 re Remark into LM1875 to sell, because the difference is large, be careful when you buy yourself a little , is probably too low there is a problem in the specification for TDA2030 is almost, but not a bad idea if you want to try, pin fully compatible, can be directly replaced, but be careful, its low operating voltage, TDA2030 when used with a low voltage transformer, 12-0-12 V AC output transformer for instance.

source digitw.com LM1875 22Watt Stereo Amplifier Circuit Tone Controlled schematic PCB files alternative link: lm1875-22w-stereo-amplifier-circuit-tone-controlled.rar

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