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L6203 L297 H-Bridge Stepper Motors Driver Circuit

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Now is a year that I’m working on CNC (numerical control machines) and after various experiences realize this bridge H stepper motor capable of driving motors up to 4 amper type pure bipolar (4 wires) or up to 5 7 amper for engines configured bipolar series. (6-8-wire). The current minimum payable is approximately 500 mA and with this range of current deck covers all the needs of cnc amateur pilot and industrial.

A year ago I bought a kit for an H bridge motors up to 2 amper / stage and this allowed me to do a bit of experience in the piloting of stepper motors. I even built a whole cnc funzionante.Sapevo to have suitable bridges to drive cnc small size and now it is time to move on to something more powerful and funzionale.Ed behold the birth of the bridge that I present here. It employs two integrated L6203 that each pilot phase and a L297 which is responsible for the translation of step and implements the chopper. (a special technique of steering engines capable of exploiting the best characteristics of torque)

Stepper Motors Driver Project

L6203 L297 H Bridge Stepper Motors Driver Circuit l297 l6203 step motor surucu cnc proje 150x150 L6203 L297 H Bridge Stepper Motors Driver Circuit motor surucu devresi test 150x150

On the base of the bridge is a trimmer and next to it a measure called Vref. The trimmer is used to adjust the voltage reference comparator of L297 and accordingly adjust the current flowing in the phases of the engine. To adjust the tension of course need a multimeter connected between mass and a measure Vref with a screwdriver and adjust the trimmer on the basis that you want to get on the engine. Note that the resistance of sense of this bridge with a total resistance of 0.33 ohms.
So the value of Vref derived directly from the bridge current supplied by the simple application of the law of ohms.

Source: fisertek.it L6203 L297 H-Bridge Stepper Motors Driver Circuit schmeatic pcb files alternative link: l6203-l297-h-bridge-stepper-motors-driver-circuit.rar

L6203 Dmos Full Bridge Driver

L6203 L297 H Bridge Stepper Motors Driver Circuit l6203 dmos full bridge driver

  • supply voltage up to 48v
  • 5a max peak current (2a max. for l6201)
  • total rms current up to
  • l6201: 1a; l6202: 1.5a; l6203/l6201ps: 4a
  • rds (on) 0.3 Ω (typical value at 25 °c)
  • cross conduction protection
  • ttl compatible drive
  • operating frequency up to 100 khz
  • thermal shutdown
  • internal logic supply
  • high efficiency

L297 Stepper Motor Controllers

L6203 L297 H Bridge Stepper Motors Driver Circuit l297 stepper motor controllers

  • normal-wave drive
  • half/full step modes
  • clockwise/anticlockwise direction
  • switchmode load current regulation
  • programmable load current
  • few external components
  • reset input & home output
  • enable input
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