100A TIG Welding Circuit IGBT UC3845 IRG4PC50U ETD59

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100A TIG Welding Circuit IGBT UC3845 IRG4PC50U ETD59

SMPS (switch mode power supply) electronic welding machine circuit UC3845 control integrated based on the power transformer for the ETD59 used integrated 6 from exit smallest drive transformer coupled this transformer at the output of the IRG4PC50 the (600volt 27amp’s) IGBT’s. Instead of providing ETD59 supply out of the system with low-power SMPS circuit TOP224Y used. Operating current 3 mm by 100 authors mention that the electrodes have been used …

100 A welding circuit diagram does not seem too complicated, but look for very high power is stronger than him AmAlArdA author Aromatizers whole circuit has managed to pack the PC power supply box after box looks nicer paint. PCB Drawings “sprint layaut” while drawing diagrams “splan” made ​​with



Source: invertorov.net.ru

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