Coil, Bobbin, Winding Counter Circuit PIC16F877 PicBasic

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Coil, Bobbin, Winding  Counter Circuit PIC16F877 PicBasic

@ Mustafa_cmbz of Picproj forum sharing my brother ever sip of counting projects PicBasic detailed project I have ever seen. Pressure. Hex files have pcb ares isis simulation. Thanks to those who contributed

Scanning display and key-pad when working on one for myself and I thought I’d bobbin winder circuit and appeared something like that. As a result of work on the project while doing my research I could not find documents related to the INKEY command. If more than one circuit is not required to be at least in terms of sample thought it might be helpful.

As a motor dish motor and gear system that I use. By the modified code in normal engines be retrofitted. In addition, while the engine’s BDX53 hardware PWM output transistor hooked to adjust the speed according to your needs will make a menu can also be added. Good work.

Coil Bobbin Winding LCD Counter Test



Coil, Bobbin, Winding Counter Circuit PIC16F877 PicBasic source code schematic proteus isis files:

Coil, Bobbin, Winding Counter Circuit PIC16F877 PicBasic


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  2. anithaanitha

    The below zip file asks for the password. What should I do to open the file?

  3. SouthernerSoutherner

    Link to the source files is not working. Did those files get moved?


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