Arduino Nano Android Robot Project Qik2s9v1 Xbee Bluetooth

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Arduino Nano Android Robot Project Qik2s9v1 Xbee Bluetooth

Android robot project built on the Arduino Nano sumo the Sumo robot motor control Qik2s9v1 dual serial motor controller module, Xbee for communication via your Android phone with Bluetooth module is being used. The body of a robot made of 3-dimensional printer writer. Android robot application codes and Arduino Nano robot codes given



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  1. Electronics CircuitsElectronics Circuits

    600W Class D amplifier Ir2110 (4 ohm 8 ohm 1000W)

    Class D amplifier circuits switch mode switched work thanks so much less material with higher power can give. 600w high power 2 provided with circuit bridge connection (4 ohm speakers with 1000w) for a total of 4 PCs FDP2532 mosfet is used (instead of IRFP250) mosfet driver circuits is controlled with the Ir2110 MOSFETs. Class D amplifier circuit used coils 30uh worth Ei33 core wrap tie wire 0.4 mm 7 pieces parallel the author 14 tour either said

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  2. Elektronisch ProjekteElektronisch Projekte

    Arduino Android-Roboter-Projekt

    Android Roboter-Projekt baute auf den Arduino Nano sumo die Sumo-Roboter Motorsteuerung Qik2s9v1 zwei serielle Motorsteuerung -Modul, Xbee zur Kommunikation über Ihr Android-Telefon mit Bluetooth-Modul verwendet wird. Der Körper eines Roboters, der aus der 3-dimensionalen Drucker, writer. Android-Roboter Anwendungs-codes und Arduino Nano


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