5W MOSFET Class-A Amplifier Single Ended Project

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5W MOSFET Class-A  Amplifier Single Ended Project

For a long time I was thinking about making myself a good class a amp, next time after you fix the mechanical failure before the truck and the min, I said something like Pila access your listening pleasure and decided to make this single-ended amplifier 5w amplifier, a long time ago when I was really satisfied me that this was the experimental sound of the amp.

As a single-ended amplifier circuit is very successful, 4-5 m is a square room sound power
enough, I think, especially with a good pair of speakers ‘ rest and she’il (high-sensitivity 90dB or more) can be very, very good efficiency.

A single-ended amplifier circuit is very simple, but really want a quality work, as much as I can, I tried not to compromise on quality.I would definitely recommend a similar circuit for those who do.

Let’s start from the first open-circuit, the circuit is pretty simple, there’s a supply, 24v

2SK1058 MOSFET Class-A Amplifier (ZCA)


I used a transformer circuit around 100w 2 x 18v AC outputs (the transformer wraps master is really doing a good job, because the transformer with the transformer for the ones who need me, I am the workmanship.

I think the most important part after the transformer feeding, this circuit prototype work I did when I used a simple feeding, leaving severe hum (noise).Asıl feed 20,000 Uf capacitor with a coil 10MH, landed very, very low noise levels.

The circuit is a class a operation, naturally comes with heat, especially if the circuit
lot 15 Ohm resistor that enables the flow of warm, therefore, must be connected to a refrigerant pressure.


aliminyudevre-kutusu-1-120x120 aliminyum-devre-kutusu-2-120x120 aliminyum-devre-kutusu-amfi-kutu-3-120x120







class-a-amplifier-circuit-test-120x120 class-a-amplifier-circuit-test-2-120x120 class-a-amplifier-pikap-circuit-test-3-120x120

Hüseyin Güngör
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3 Comments “5W MOSFET Class-A Amplifier Single Ended Project

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  2. Reuben PillayReuben Pillay

    Hi. Like your amplifier build. Looks really nice. I built one too. Sounds really good.

  3. Enrique Marcos RivasEnrique Marcos Rivas

    Hi, it look very simple. I have a question. For the max output power (5w), what imput level it need?


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