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ATmega8 USB Email Notifier Circuit

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Market “USB Mail Notifier” ready devices are sold, but in practice, ileginç project also ATmega8 microcontroller and the email account that connects the program’s source code (C + + RAD studiox) or not different projects, mail server and microcontroller communication and so on. would be useful in developing for quite disabled to get the highest yield requirement to prepare an elegant box as in the picture :) author box from the CD sleeve prepared to take the output from laser printers have used the mail icon

ATmega8 USB Email Notifier Circuit usb mail notifier

USB Mail Notifier Author: Bonio Often need to quickly respond to the email message came. Can be several times a day to check mail manually, in which case your interlocutor risk wait a whole day before you answer. You can use the special software which will check mail at a given interval of time and if there are new messages to report on it from the tray. But here it may be that you miss a message, for example, watching movies, or if you are at this moment not at the computer. To always know if there is new mail was invented USB Mail Notifier. The device is a USB plug on the box in an envelope, with a touch button on top. The front side of the “envelope” starts flashing continuously set the color, if you have new messages. Color is set from the control program. You can set any of the possible two, and mix them together. Touch button, you can run any program, such as email-client, or disable it altogether. USB Mail Notifier is a HID USB device, so drivers are not necessary.

ATmega8 USB Email Notifier Circuit usb mail notifier cd kutu

ATmega8 USB Email Notifier Circuit atmega8 usb mail notifier
usb mail, atmega8, mail notifier

use of computer software in addition to the email you are entering information when it comes to email blazing brightness of the LEDs can be adjusted as additional pressure sensor located on the circuit you want you can make a program work

source: http://radiokot.ru/konkurs/35/ USB Mail Notifier studiox RAD C + + source code, exe, ATMega8 codes and sprint pcb layout drawing: atmega8-usb-emailnotifier.RAR alternative link2 alternative link3

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