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Upgrade The Output Power MOSFET LM2576 LM2575

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Previously LM2575 (1 amp), and the LM2576 (3 amps) switching regulator ICS sharing about applications that have been LM2575, LM2575 high power mosfet to increase the output current by adding the received power regulator circuits of this type are usually integrated in the upgrade I wanted to share, it’s no wonder.

Note: without pictures I don’t share the projects I made, but this application, with the exception of when you’re in a higher power, it’s worth a try :) also, this circuit is the main source of Elektor

LM2575 Adjustable DC-DC converter

2V…30V adjustable power supply circuit circuit regulated 5 amp switched between the first application.. the LM2575-ADJ LM2575 writes can be performed with the set (ADJ version) 16 pin dip PCB accordingly prepared a sheath used LM2575-ADJ TO220 case.. you can use a p-channel MOSFET IRF9540 used (RDS, front, losses due to gate voltage, p-channel mosfet required the use of) in the output flow to meet the power necessary to have a 100uh coil

Upgrade The Output Power MOSFET LM2576 LM2575  lm2575d dcdc stepdown schaltplan 120x120

Upgrade The Output Power MOSFET LM2576 LM2575  lm2575 dcdc stepdown bestueck

If the fixed output of the LM2575-5 LM2575-3.3 are cancelled if the potentiometer is used in the schema and S-a writer will be a short circuit in

LM2576 DC-DC converter

Upgrade The Output Power MOSFET LM2576 LM2575  lm2576 8am mosfet power up

In this application, the LM2576-5 Output Voltage 5v 8 amps of power used is the same that is used in the application schema according to the model, two integrated power, there are voltage differences

source: aca-vogel.de ve static.elitesecurity.org (elektor uygulaması)

all files: upgrade-the-output-power-mosfet-lm2576-lm2575.rar

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