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Free Electronic Circuit Simulator Spice-Based TINA-Ti

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Texas Instruments TI the TINA-a useful application of SPICE-based Analog simulation program. The program is available in a wide range of special library and Texas instruments (new release added National Semiconductor opamps) schematic symbol editor hundreds of example application circuit, has also a lot of property visually etc detailed user manual.

In a way, a program to prepare the schema appropriate for the simulation, at least visually, drawing is different than other programs, coloured schematic:)

TINA-TI the TINA simulator program Texas instruments company specially prepared according to the features of the free version of this, but a lot less than the TINA programme in practice, we will see

According to the established circuit circuit Simulator, according to the calculation, the result of the selected vehicle identifications, etc. gives the values so you don’t run as system, for example, in proteus isis; you set up the “Analysis” menu “ERC” circuit (electric rules check) you run the tool lists the results.

Free Electronic Circuit Simulator Spice Based TINA Ti analog simulasyon devre simulatoru spice

Free Electronic Circuit Simulator Spice Based TINA Ti simulasyon programi tina ti spice simulator

TINA-TI Circuit Simulator general characteristics;

Schematic entry and editing
Auto / Manual wire routing and drag support
Devices such as standard schematic symbols
Creating sub-circuits
BOM, Bus, Integrated, Net List Editor
For arbitrary waveform excitation Editor
Schematic Symbol Editor

Analysis Features;

Max. Macro external nodes and the number of nodes in
DC, AC, Transient, Digital, Mixed-mode simulation
Components and number of models
Group Delay
parameter Sweep
Analysis of Direct Net list
Fourier Analysis (harmonic)
Monte Carlo, worst case
Parameter stepping number of parameters

Plotting Properties;

Scale Diagram
Diagrams drawing tools to improve
Post processing tools
Virtual Instruments
XY Recorder, Oscilloscope, Generator, Multimeter, Signal Analysis / Function Bode Plotter

You can download from the Spice simulator program, TINA-TI http://www.ti.com/tool/tina-ti

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