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Phone Rings Lamp Circuit MOC3020

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The circuit in the picture when connected to a telephone line with any incoming calls will allow the lamplight. Circuit is in two parts and the two circuits are separated from one another by MOC3020 optocoupler. MOC3020 Optocoupler, without an electrical connection between the low voltage with high voltages and currents can control is called circuit elements. Lower portions of the first circuit is to be connected to the telephone line.

Phone Rings Lamp Circuit MOC3020 telefon alarm lamba yakma moc3020 triyak bt137

Calls that come through the telephone line telephone line on any AC voltage up to 75V take a value. These values ​​of R1 and C1 through materials made ​​with 1N4007 diode bridge 4 and then enters the direct current is processed by the circuit is controlled. DZ1 zener any phone calls by these parts is fixed to 33V. Thus optocouplers are protected.

The second circuit, the mains is to be controlled with high regions. This moiety, R1, R2, C4, and triac BT137 TRC1 consists of a 220V lamp. When any phone calls, through the optocoupler’s photo bt137 triac gate terminal portion is triggered and the lamp gives light. Light export process continues until the drop in voltage from the mains.

MOC3020 Pinout BT137 Pinout

Phone Rings Lamp Circuit MOC3020 moc3020 pinout bt137 pinout

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