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Electronic Calculation Program For Radio Amateurs

500kb size calculation is very useful and handy program that can do a lot by electronic Antenna ERP calculations. Debilitating calculations. Audio filter design. Coiled accounts. Decibel calculations. Great-Circle map and the calculator. HF

Advanced Resistor Calculator Program

an Advanced Resistor Calculator program on the market that I share in special value resistors in the calculation that are not available to prepare a program that makes… Resistor calculation program, after opening the

Linux Electronics Programs

Using Linux previously Linux programs, which was turned into a package of Electronics, is a good source for electronic… Boreas GNU/Linux et al 0.2 (64-bit) Electricity and electronics for the first time 12 years

Woofer Crossover Box Design Programs (Excel)

Jeff Bagby and Charlie Out great things with Excel, very detailed, active, passive crossover and woofer had prepared programs Passive Crossover Designer Excel application for designing passive crossovers and equalization The purpose of the

Free Electronic Circuit Simulator Spice-Based TINA-Ti

Texas Instruments TI the TINA-a useful application of SPICE-based Analog simulation program. The program is available in a wide range of special library and Texas instruments (new release added National Semiconductor opamps) schematic symbol

SMPS Transformer Coil Transformer Calculation Programs

Before “Advanced SMPS Transformer design program” ExcellentIT and “Ir2153 SG3525 Frequency Calculation Programs for Switch mode power supplies with raisers” shared a very useful programs. Programs prepared by Russian-born Vladimir Denisenko sharing a person

To Prepare The Visual Graphic LCD Pixelformer

As the program does not dial the code worked for me pretty pictures of Pixelformer but edit pictures or to create a handy program very practical on a pixel-by-pixel, you can have a lot

Calculation Program MC34063A MC33063A

MC34063A Up, Step Down to a simple handy converter IC − DCDC mc3406a calculation tool I used had a problem with this program I have shared this search is doing a more detailed calculation

SMD Integrated, Transistor, Diode Case Information

NXP company products (integrated, transistor, says) for the beautiful catalog has prepared materials photos in which the sheath is and covers the dimensions of the material image below has added so NXP products do