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microcontroller projects

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Flowcode Examples

Flowcode pic programming pic about the program in the form of flow diagrams of the easiest programs you can write easily in the market, still us is very simple, although it was touted as

1A 10A Adjustable Battery Charging Circuit 100Ah

Atmel ATTINY24 microcontroller based automatic battery charger circuit can charge 12V batteries with different power on (1A…10A current setting range of the charging current with limitation 10Ah, 20Ah, 30Ah, 40Ah, 50Ah, 60Ah, 70Ah, 80Ah,

dsPIC30F2010 PWM Motor Driver Circuit DRV8402

DRV8402 Motor Driver Circuit The main component is the microcontroller dsPIC30F2010, who for its activities needs outside of the power supply voltage also a source of accurate clock pulses. In order to achieve the

Tiny Robot Balloon Arduino Pro

Arduino Pro a balloon Robot with a microphone to detect sound on the sound by flapping wings in the middle and going toward the source of that, of course, it’s not fully stable, but

Car Info Panel with PIC16F873

In the car Frost Alarm (warning sound) , outdoor lamp, alarm, temperature, battery voltage, date, overcharging of information, such as a pic16f873 microcontroller which allows it to be displayed on a LCD display 4×20

High Voltage Insect Trap PIC16F675

Control circuit designed with microcontroller is done with high voltage to incapacitate an interesting insects pic16f675 a bug it won’t run in normal operation for power saving high-voltage circuit on the PCB when solid