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The design and construction of combos for electric guitar. Work discusses how theories of construction and design blocks combos, so its structure and measuring its parameters and parameters of individual blocks. Bachelor thesis has the aim to get acquainted with the problems of the design of individual parts of the combos, which are the preamp with a proofreader and an end-amplifier implemented as an integrated amplifier circuit TDA7293V. This solution was chosen due to its price availability, simplicity and parameters, which amplifier despite this simplicity reaches.

Guitar Amplifier TDA7293

TDA7293 Guitar Combo Amplifier Projects tda7293 amplifier circuit guitar diy

TDA7293 Guitar Combo Amplifier Projects power amp amplifier guitar effect tda7293v

The combo also will be equipped with two built-in guitar effects, and the effect of the fuzz and tremolo. Their choice was influenced by future use of combos. The work also contains proposals power supplies for all parts of the combos, as well as a description of the used speakers. The desired characteristics of the involvement of effects (fuzz, tremolo)and preamps are also simulated in the program PSpice, the other parts are given at least the value declared by the manufacturer, and subsequently also measured on real circuits. Also are the characteristics of the baffle combos.

preamplifier Involvement correction preamplifier , PCB in Annex A.3, it does include the supply voltage of ± 15 V for the preamplifier comes . It consists of two low noise operational amplifiers TL071 has minimal distortion. Capacitors C2 and C3 are used for the upper limit width bandwidth of 160 kHz, and prevent high-frequency oscillation.

TDA7293 Guitar Combo Amplifier Projects fuzz and tremolo guitar combo amp circuit

TDA7293 Guitar Combo Amplifier Projects fuzz citcuit

TDA7293 Guitar Combo Amplifier Projects tremolo circuit guitar

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