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Amplifier Circuit TDA2030 Stereo 15W

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TDA2030 datasheet can give you the power circuit according to the information 18w mono 30w 2 is called the total power used in the audio input you can control the volume potentiometer meters.

12 volt 4 amp transformer to supply power, but suggested that I use a straightening method previously applied. I do not know what is the quality in sound quality a different method.

TDA2030 Amplifier Circuit

Amplifier Circuit TDA2030 Stereo 15W tda2030 anfi devresi 15w 30w stereo

This stereo amplifier is ideal for beginners, for its simplicity and low cost. Use a pair of TDA2030 integrated. This monolithic integrated circuit is a class AB, which comes to providing up to 15W of output power with an 8 Ohm load. The TDA2030 provides high output current and low harmonic distortion. Also incorporates a short circuit protection, which automatically limits the power dissipated to keep the working point of the output transistors, ensuring power operation. System also includes a conventional thermal shutdown.

Source: videorockola.com TDA2030 circuit schematic pcb files alternative link: amplifier-circuit-tda2030-stereo-15w.rar

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