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Subwoofer Control Circuit

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Multipurpose a control circuit low pass, high pass, Filter sections 30 .200 kHz Parametric Equaliser solid frequency, level, boost controls have also disabled SS SY-4089 (Solid State Relay) was isolated by the amp from the mains supply cuts electronic key Node there

Input impedance: Line level and LFE signal inputs 47k?
Speaker line inputs 10k? with an 11:1 mixing divider
Gain: -8dB to +8dB, variable
Low pass filter: Corner frequency variable between 41Hz and 200Hz
12dB/octave rolloff slope
Parametric equaliser: Centre frequency variable between 30Hz and 200Hz
Cut/boost variable between ±12dB at centre frequency
Q approximately 5
High pass (subsonic) filter: Corner frequency 15Hz, rolloff slope -18dB/octave
Signal to noise ratio: -80dB unweighted relative to 1V RMS input,
2V RMS output
Maximum output signal: 2.4V RMS
Output impedance: 1k? (both outputs)

Subwoofer Control Project

Subwoofer Control Circuit subwoofer kontrol diagram

Subwoofer Control Circuit subwoofer controller

Source: http://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_109076/article.html

Subwoofer Control Circuit PCB schematic alternative link: subwoofer-control-circuit.rar alternative link2 alternative link3

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