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Amplifier Circuits STK4048X STK412-170

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Sanyo STK412-170 from the series production of NGOs and STK4048X amplifier circuit diagrams and PCB drawings but no definite information can be compatible within an integrated PCB drawings of different NGOs. for example STK412-170 datasheet file when I look at the different models found in the list that caught my attention in the list STK412-090, STK412-000, STK412-010, STK412-020, STK412-030, STK412-040, STK412-150 integrates the information given probably STK412-170 for PCB drawing prepared, but it is compatible with integrated datasheet files necessary to perform comparison

STK412-170 2X180W THD 0.7% of the maximum working voltage symmetrical 2x95v STK4048X 1x150W THD = 0.008% of the maximum working voltage symmetrical 2x87v

Amplifier Circuits STK4048X STK412 170 stk4048xi 150w amplifier stk412 170 2 180w amplifier

STK4048XI 150W STK412-170 2X180W pcb şema dosyaları: amplifier-circuits-stk4048x-stk412-170.rar alternative link2

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