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100 Watt Stereo Amplifier STK4231

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STK4231 2x100watt two-channel stereo amp circuit power supply circuits on the same PCB printing do not need to create additional PCBs.

STK4231 amplifier part list

  • 56k 1/4w 2x
  • 10k 1/4w 2x
  • 1k 1/4w 4x
  • 100ohm 1/4w 2x
  • 4,7k 1/4w 4x
  • 560ohm 1/4w 2x
  • 4,7ohm 1/4w 4x
  • 3,3k 1/4w 2x
  • 2,2k 1/4w 2x
  • 470pf 63v 2x
  • 100nf 63v 4x
  • 10 rounds on 10mm ferrite coil wire 1mm 3uh
  • 10uf 63v 2xt
  • 22uf 63v 3x
  • 47uf 63v 2x
  • 100uf 63v 2x
  • 100uf 100v 1x
  • 10000uf 63v 2x
  • transformer 2x30v 300watt
  • 10 Aa bridge kbu10m
  • Led 2x

This amp is so high quality that it would be playing to talk about hi-fi amplifier. HIFI amplifier-land frequency response must be direct and distortion <1% 20 - 20 kHz. Articles of the amplifier circuit again meets the above requirements in band 5Hz - 500 kHz, however, frequency bandwidth is limited, such that interference from birth. Amplifier meets the requirements of referenssivahvistimelle, which is suitable for measuring and reference use. Small, 12-24V of voltage operating amplifiers, and power characteristics when the are somewhat modest for example, the speaker sound testing. Amplifier is also called the PA-use

STK4231 amp pcb : 100 Watt Stereo Amplifier STK4231.rar

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