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Stabilized Regulated Power Supply Circuit with L200CV 0-30V

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To reach the simple design of the power supply and at the same time easy output voltage and current limit, I decided to use the well-known monolithic integrated Adjustable voltage and current regulator L200 series in the case Pentawat with five outlets by ST Microelectronics. The voltage can be set to the values ​​of two external resistors in range from 2.75 V to 36.0 V, provided that the input supply voltage is at least 2.5 V higher. Otherwise, the maximum input voltage that can withstand circuit is 60 V. Compared to other similar circuits, there is also still a possibility and simply set size of the output current. If this setting is not used, is current limited internally to approximately 2A (3,6 A), in an ideal cooling. Depending on the temperature Housing is possibly current or voltage output restricted to lower values​​, and to prevent damage to the circuit and its thermal and power overload. This circuit is very similar to a friend LM317T series stabilizer in the housing TO220, but unlike him, has brought out sensing input current limit (pin 2 – limitation), similarly as in the case UA723CN DIL14. The circuit is in the housing PENTAWAT.

L200 Power Supply Circuit Schematic

Stabilized Regulated Power Supply Circuit with L200CV 0 30V l200 power supply circuit schematic

Stabilizer L200CV The following instructions and design is designed for those who want to build quality single power supply according to the above requirements. the source has continuously adjustable output voltage range of 0V to 30V, adjustable maximum output current of 10mA to 1,000 mA. The source can also be equipped with fine control output voltage (a pair of potentiometers – 10k coarse adjustment / fine adjustment 250Ω), and possibly a measuring device for measuring the output voltage and current.

Stabilized Regulated Power Supply Circuit with L200CV 0 30V power supply stabilizer l200cv

The base source is a monolithic integrated stabilizer L200CV with which it is can be achieved in a basic diagram of the output voltage of 2.75 V to 36V, and which has set current internal fuse to approximately 2A, maximum 3.6 A. The output voltage across the resistive divider formed with a pair of potentiometers P2 (250Ω) and P3 (10k), R3 (1k) applied to pin 4 stabilizer IO1 (L200CV), which is compared with an internal reference (comparator) voltage 2.75 V (2.64 V to 2.86 V). Where applicable, any deviation from the desired output voltage size rapidly automatically align. Resistor R3 and a pair of potentiometers P2, P3 forming a voltage divider.

Power Supply Circuit PCB schematic files download: stabilized-regulated-power-supply-circuit-with-l200cv-0-30v.rar alternative link2

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