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PIC16f88 Humidity Control Circuit SHT11

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Seenserion company produces heat and moisture sensor SHT11 humidity measurement and control circuit is made with. The circuit can be used in many different purposes. For example, agricultural irrigation, soil humidity, according to the soil to make our daily life, environment or watering the moisture to check (under normal circumstances, the current environment has to be 45%-55% humidity)

Summary; Mucha Elijah that moisture, humidity set on while the relay is open. The humidity value falls below the value in our draws and arranged irrigation starts.

humidity measurement circuit made ​​just realized. Another feature of the sensor in the temperature measurement is doing. Friends who want to open all the source code of the circuit can improve circuit.

Humidity control circuit of the printed circuit Proteus ares, isis simulation, PicBasic Pro PbP and hex code files: pic16f88-humidity-control-circuit-sht11.rar

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