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LM358 Sound Detector Circuit

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According to media volume on the circuit at the output relay opening and closing sensitivity can be adjusted with potentiometer RV1 RV2 100k.

LM358 opamp amplifier used in the section on the floor of the driver pulled the residence time of the relay CD4528 Rv3 setting and C11, R18 resistor and capacitor values ​​can be adjusted by changing. Ares proteus isis circuit diagram of the circuit and PCB’s drawings.

Sound Detector Project

LM358 Sound Detector Circuit ses dedektor devresi baski devre kutulu pcb

The sound detector discussed here is for Inrush a tape or a light bulb filament, when a sound picked up by a small microphone exceeds a predetermined volume. The sensitivity range is extensive, the assembly is capable of responding to a spoken voice to five meters away from the microphone. Of course, such sensitivity is not always desired, and assembly has a setting to adjust it to your needs. I made this montage at the request of an official of a holiday center, which sought a “warning light exceeded noise” in a refectory. History of a limit not to exceed with the children present at mealtime. Not easy, knowing that the game can also be to make the most noise to light the lamp … all is to set the rules accurately, is not it?

source: sonelec-musique.com Sound Detector schematic Circuit files alternative link: lm358-sound-detector-circuit.rar

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