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Use ADNS2610 Optical Mouse Sensor PIC18F4550 USB

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Adns2610 interesting optical mouse sensor circuit out of the detected motion is displayed on a computer screen. PIC18F4550 USB connection on the circuit board are available.

Normal mouse but sees his job applications were done with PIC and MPLAB file that contains resources for different projects to be developed, it might inspire

Mouse Sensor Circuit PIC18F4550 ADNS 2610

Basis for this project is PIC testboard I also used for the other USB projects and the TV-Light. I created it myself on the basis of this project. The software is based on the HID demo from Microchip and has been adapted to interface the sensor instead of using a fixed mouse movement. The complete MPLAB project can be downloaded here for usage according to the terms of the original Microchip project. The sensor itself is interfaced using the SPI protocol (see the sensor’s datasheet).

Source: http://www.steffenschuette.de/steffenschuette/elektronik/myMouse/myMouse.htm ADNS2610 PIC18F4550 USB circuit Alternative link: use-adns-2610-optical-mouse-sensor-pic18f4550-usb.rar

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