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Tetris game circuit with PIC18F4520

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A tetris game circuit to play Tetris costly software and hardware part of the business, but may be useful for the persons concerned could limp PIC18F4520 microcontroller circuit board on the transform matrix to create a chart on display, xy coordinates, pixel calculations, etc.. described in detail ..

The 64 LEDs and four buttons are controlled by a single PIC18LF4520 and two AA batteries. The source code operates very efficiently, and the program is extremely responsive. I was worried about the latter as I was determined to use algorithm based graphic rotations as compared to predefined constants. From here I could use a similar approach to create other interactive games!

Tetris game circuit  with PIC18F4520 pic tetris circuit schematic

Source: digital-diy.com/swordfish-project/213-tetris-on-a-pic-micro.html alternative link: tetris-game-circuit-with-pic18f4520.rar

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