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NE555 melody circuit

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Timing has an integrated circuit made ??with N555 hundreds of years in the market all the electronic equipment in the shop a popular integrated See here for a detailed knowledge of Turkish. Circuit as musical notes can give a voice to the series resistance values ??button is pressed, left to right according to the RE, DO, SI, LA, SOL, FA etc. Instead of going fixed resistor adjustable resistor (potentiometer) using different voices are granted

In fact circuit “Square Wave Oscillator” resistance frequency of notes determined according to each note separately frequency there DO-200HZ, RE-246HZ, MI-261HZ, FA-293HZ, LEFT-329HZ, La-349HZ, SI-392HZ, of course, the piano like this in exactly clear note sounds dead end, but the development of your hand skills, experience an ideal circuit

NE555 melody circuit ne555 melodi 150x150 NE555 melody circuit ne555 melodi devresi 150x150 NE555 melody circuit ne555 melodi devresi 2 150x150

Working with 12 volts DC circuit draws very little current. In the market usually four-legged mini button has two legs can use the button press left will be the type pressed batch short-circuited when left open-circuited measure the tool’s “20ohm & buzzer,” stage in the end to find you can measure measuring instrument probes to the correct terminal contact and press the button when a shrill voice revenues .

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