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HCS12 MC9S12DP512 Development Board

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Motorola HCS12 Series Development Board MC9S12DP512 designed I’ve seen MC9S12DP512 car in the brain , the airbag control is used mostly used in industrial applications obviously not much information about but about the people that would work for simple convenient assay development board when I found I wanted to share .. the card’s PCB and chart drawing esgl to There is also a sample project done by drawing on resources ( portB billing ) given ..

Author HCS12 Series C or assembly language software will be promoted on MC9S12DP512 CodeWarrior IDE and programming, debugging the P & E USB Multilink mention of the device can be used

General features MC9S12DP512

16-bit bus width
25 MHz bus speed , the I2C bus
512 KB Flash, EEPROM memory for program
Data | 14 KB of RAM data to the EEPROM | 4 KByte
2x serial communication interface SCI
3x serial peripheral interface SPI
8-channel a restraining system / Timer has been extended
2x 10 -bit 8-channel | AD converter (ADC)
8-channel pulse-width modulation (PWM)
5x module 2.0 to 1 Mbps transmission rate
B CAN Programming, Debugging | BDM interface

HCS12 MC9S12DP512 Development Board motorola hcs12 series mc9s12dp512 development board

Source: mcuhobby.cz/2010/09/vyvojova-deska-s-freescale-hcs12/ alternative hcs12-mc9s12dp512-development-board.rar

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