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Microwave Oven Transformer Made with electro magnets

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If you want to make a simple but powerful electromagnet, micro-wave oven transformer and the transformer is cut off with a grinding machine of Palm’s primarily some sufficient labor is subtracted from the primary voltage to the secondary coil of hair after it is given

handmade electro magnets

what is an electromagnet?

Electromagnet, the electric current obtained from using the iron for a magnet. On both ends of the electromagnets attracts the magnetic materials. Electromagnets the poles of the right-hand rule according to can be found. This rule is wrapped with a coil wire of the coil if we keep our right hand, grasp from the bottom. Our right hand thumb electromagnets ‘N‘ pole. DC voltage, reverse rotating electromagnets on both ends of the tensile property shows in the same manner, but reverse the Poles. Large electromagnets, high-current power supplies are used.

the electromagnet does not always show its magnetic field, its magnetic field is cut when the current is lost.

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