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Microchip LED Lighting Applications Design Guide

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Microchip produced by PIC microcontrollers, LED drivers, LED control ICs prepared for the sample application, designer notes .. Documents in the finest detail to given information (in English) source code and in the schemes’s information in different designs could prove useful in

Microchip LED Lighting Applications Design Guide lighting applications led lighting design guide

MCP 1612 Simple Synchronous Buck Converter Design
MCP 1650 750 kHz Boost Controller
PIC 12HV615 microcontroller Digital Constant Current Power LED Driver
Adding Intelligence to Lighting Applications LED Lighting MCPXX
PIC 16F785 Buck-Boost 5.5W power LED Driver
DMX 512 Communication DMX512 Protocol
PIC 12F675 Buck Configuration High-Power LED Driver
BOOST TOPOLOGY MCP1650 Designing a Boost-Switching Regulator
Designing with HV Microcontrollers
MCP 1650 Efficiently Powering Nine White LEDs
LED Lighting Design Guide
MCP 1630v High-Speed, Microcontroller-Adaptable, Pulse Width Modulator
MCP 1252-3 Low Noise, Positive-Regulated Charge Pump
Charge Pump Backlight MCP1252 LED Demo Board
Boost Mode LED Driver MCP1630 Demo Board
Multiple White LED MCP1650 Demo Board
MCP 1650 SEPIC Demo Board

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