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LPC1343 ARM Development Board PCB

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Microchip PIC ARM Atmel AVR mcu Then now advanced usage increases in prices now counted most. Mostly for beginners without much additional hardware can be developed several projects already considered a factor ARM chip away at the beginning Elektroemr simple but useful for my brother LPC134 LPC134 has designed a test card for you can try the code you write.

Experiment card LPC1343 features; LPC134 pins for the header, Micro SD card slot, mini-USB socket, via USB or optional external 5V operation (3.3-volt regulator), 12 Mhz Crystal, USART header output, LED indicators, reset button, ISP jumper (USB and USART bootloader to activate)

LPC1343 ARM Development Board PCB arm lpc1343 development board cortex usb pcb spi

LPC1343 ARM Development Board PCB lpc1343 development board pcb

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