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Led VU Meter Circuit LM3915

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LM3915, LM3914 VU Meter circuit with’ve shared the printed circuit, but this circuit diagram is also drawn to separate mono and stereo vu meter circuit connection preanfil amps, amp direct connection drawn understood about the scheme. VU Meter LM3915 driver integrated circuit used in 10 out there, according to the audio input volume with the 100k potentiometer can adjust the light intensity of LEDs ..

Led VU Meter Circuit LM3915 vumetro vumeter circuit lm3915 led vu

Led VU Meter Circuit LM3915 vu metre preanfi amp direkt anfi baglantisi lm3915 vumetre vumeter

Source: http://construyasuvideorockola.com/proyecto_vumetro_estereo.php alternative link: led-vu-meter-circuit-lm3915.rar

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