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LED Spotlight Lamp SMD5050

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Which meant my mind for a while to do but I think the new 20W Halogens in the bathroom that led from their place and occur at the end of SMD5050 I wanted to share the spotlight.

Each of the light is nice, although certain Halogens, heat, and power consumption is high. Also will be the closest, however, as the difference of the angle (110-120 degrees) with LEDs SMD5050 LED daytime light I did.

LED Lamp circuit

LED Spotlight Lamp SMD5050  lad lamba pcb smd leds light

In fact I’m thinking with 220V, but mold etc the halogen transformer because I don’t want to deal with in a very short time, my old Sony CD player from the first hand I said If I could take the adapter box blank. I used a 7812 with a simple leveling, LED adapter, if they have, Of course, can also be used.

After I bought the iron for heating it on the stove topper and a plaque egeleyer to fit into the slot. Slot fully compatible to standard Halogens.

LED Spotlight Lamp SMD5050  smd5050 led light ledli lamba

Finally, usually 3 LEDs are cool, but I preferred 4 U and 2R2 resistors with more long-lasting the current I to be set. Preferences vary, but still no resistance should not be used

SMD5050 Led lamp pcb files: led-spotlight-lamp-smd5050.RAR

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