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3A 5V Switching Regulator

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In principle we should compare it with the previous design is possible to obtain an adequate tension on the exit of the first transistor and to activate la puerta del mosfet. Modifying a pair of resistance can not obtain the appropriate tension to activate a one-channel mosfet P, placed in substitution of BD136. As resistance in ON is very low improves the operation in general, and allows me to currents of salida much higher that a bipolar transistor.

5V 3A Switching Mosfet Regulator Circuit

3A 5V Switching Regulator irf9530 5volt regulator

Source: heli.xbot.es/regulador/regulador2.htm 3A 5V Switching Regulator schematic alternative link: 3a-5v-switching-regulator.rar

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