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Photo Flash 220V Flasher Circuit

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Old scrap the camera of your Flash components to help you evaluate a simple circuit actually machine other parts of the acts now flasher circuit and the administration let the circuit I used triac T1213MH flash to burn high strength low güçd the triac used my hand also is not used flasher circuit used in the flash and the coil cheap Chinese goods was removed from a scrap-hole camera was mounted on phenolic and phenolic little bad workmanship wondering established on a trial basis was not appropriate circuit

CAUTION Be careful is working with high voltage capacitor circuit connections Beware + – If you connect the high voltage polarity may be large explosions before running the insured Power Line circuit, protective goggles

Flasher Circuit Works

Photo Flash  220V Flasher Circuit triyakli flasor devresi 150x150

Flasher Circuit Schmematic

Photo Flash  220V Flasher Circuit triyak flas devresi 150x150 Photo Flash  220V Flasher Circuit 220 volt triyak flash basit devre 150x150

This strobe is performed on evidence recovered in a disposable camera brand Fuji.
In the photo above, against, we can recognize mainly:

The capacitor whose role is to store energy.
The flash lamp.
The coil high voltage necessary to boot.
The lift voltage transformer.
The contact flash.
The support of the stack R03.

He noted that this model on the high voltage coil, hardly visible in this picture, is attached to the flash lamp.

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