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Circuit DSPIC33FJ64GP802-I/SP software has a micro-controller based on the hex, but unfortunately do not have the source code for the microcontroller DSPIC with the series level at least because of resource constraints of hardware design department can give more or less the idea.

MMC-SD-SDHC memory card with DSPIC `s communications, key combinations, microphone input and output processing, feeding floors, DSPIC IR communication all in one collected in a project of this type of design for your studies can be an example

dSPIC Wav Player Features

Supported memory cards MMC / SD / SDHC
Mono 16kHz stereo WAV audio recording
44.1kHz WAV playing sound recordings
Input and output sockets
FAT/FAT32 file system (if any operating system)
2 × 16 LCD screen on the record / playback information display
RC5 remote control or intelligent control
Signal to noise ratio:-70dB (22Hz to 22kHz) with 1.6V RMS
Total harmonic distortion THD + N at 1kHz 0.7%

dSPIC Recorder/Player Input Output Units

Line of section connect any audio source, and relax on the card can record. Connect a microphone to the Mic in section register and you can listen to sounds in the environment memory card socket on the pcb board also had a pot of sound settings for throttle opening

The information displayed on the LCD:

Audio playback information, recording time, recording the name frequency, mono-stereo information, the volume, and you can see the status of the card memory. Working with 12volt DC supply circuit regulated operations and 78xx series LM317 regulators provided with 2 × 16-lcd audio output is driven by 74HC595 upgraded with lm833

dSPIC Wav Recorder Wav Player Project dSPIC33FJ wav kayit mmc sd sdhc kart

source : http://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_111521/article.html

dSPIC Wav Recorder Wav Player Project schematic pcb picmicro source code files dspic-wav-recorder-wav-player-project.rar alternative link2 alternative link3 alternative link4

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