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dsPIC30F2010 PWM Motor Driver Circuit DRV8402

DRV8402 Motor Driver Circuit The main component is the microcontroller dsPIC30F2010, who for its activities needs outside of the power supply voltage also a source of accurate clock pulses. In order to achieve the speed of 30 MIPs, we had to calculate the speed of the desired crystal. Each instruction takes four bars of the

DSPIC Propeller Clock Circuit

Air Time or propeller clock Propeller Clock much more simple microcontrollers with can be done but the authors project quite a quality job had removed to check DSPIC30F6015 microcontroller is used BLDC motors from the hard disk removed to control the speed TB6588FGES integrated the use of the watch, as well as animation can view

dsPIC Development Board

Try dspıc30f6010 Microchip microcontroller development board on the UART (max233), can (mcp2551) and so on. find all entry and exit ports for the unit diagram and PCB design drawing eagle resources are also made ​​with keyboard, RS232, LCD and so on. Sample C code given in the application. Source: mcuhobby.cz/2011/06/vyvojova-deska-s-microchip-dspic30f/ FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in

dsPIC30F2020 LED Psychedelic TC4427A MCP608 MCP6022 MCP6S26

The project requirements are related to technologies adopted: high power LEDs need to be driven with a constant current; digital filters need a fast DSP engine, to be implemented, and an A/D converter is required to transform an audio signal in a numerical representation. Control data communications between central processing unit and external analog components

dsPIC30F3013 Meter Clock MCP6022 MCP4011 MCP9700A

The goal of this project was to build an unusual desk clock using a combination of old and new technologies. Time is displayed using vintage electro-mechanical meters, but the current time is calculated using a Microchip dsPIC processor. Further, a vintage quartz crystal plus a modern op-amp forms an oscillator that is the time base

dsPIC30F2020 Digital Class D Subwoofer Amplifier TC4427A MCP6022

Nowadays, a home cinema system is present is almost every household. Their price range is very wide – from $100 to tens of thousands of dollars. Usually, the subwoofer of a low or middle end system is small so it needs to be with ported design to achieve reasonable response in low frequencies. For movies

Microchip dsPIC30F6014 Alert Driver System

The purpose of the novel Alert Driver System is to keep drivers safe at the wheel. The Microchip dsPIC30F6014 based system can detect if a driver is paying attention to the road or falling asleep by measuring his head’s tilt angles. The system can issue an alert if it detects erratic movement While I am

LCD Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer Project with dsPIC30F4011

Circuit dspic30f4011 microcontroller with 128 x 64 graphic lcd ACD used the information in the MCP6S21 (Lumex LCM-S12864GSF) on the display. All project source code, schematics have also given the detail description.. Facing the demise of my Tektronix 2213 in an unfortunate shipping journey, I faced the decision of either purchasing an expensive CRT to

dsPIC33FJ128GP Nokia 6100 LCD driver circuit ATmega168

@ Erhan brother Atmega8 prepared with the application had shared (Atmel Atmega8 Nokia 6100 LCD (pcf8833) application) I In addition to the helpful one more example’ll share the codes and microchip dspıc33fj128gp both the Atmel ATmega168 microcontroller can be used with. Nokia 6100 test circuit image; Nokia 6100 LCD driver circuit Written by Dan Stahlke,

Mikropascal Mikrobasic MikroC Projects

Micro-Electronica product areas owned by the user that sent the company projects in various fields has many applications with source code in some simulations, there proteus isis. Mikropascal Micro C project FPGA programmer with PIC18F4550 on USB, USB PS2 Keyboard Project, PS2 Mouse Project, PS2 Keyboard Project, Accelerometer-based Joystick with USB support, uM-FPU V3.1 Examples,

Jet Engine Electronic Control Matlab dsPIC30F4013

A lot of work that could benefit a lot about all the details about the project, information, formulas there. Also dsPIC30F4013 prepared by the PICC C source code of software code PID control and MATLAB model, flow diagrams,’s drawing layers PCBs are circuit diagrams of the unit. MINIATURE JET ENGINE ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT DESIGN Gas

dsPIC30F2010 drop in woofer servo

The dsPIC30F2010-based Drop-In Woofer Servosystem linearizes loudspeaker cone movement via feedback from a pressure-sensing microphone. The manipulate roll feedback comes from a somesthesia device region the closed speaker papers DCON1bits.SSRC — conversion trigger source select Internal counter ends sampling and starts conversion (auto-convert) Motor control PWM GP timer3 Active transition on INTO pin Clearing SAMP

dsPIC30F3012 rs232 interface power frequency monitor

The Power Frequency Monitor (PFM) is a MicroChip dsPIC30F3012 micro controller based device used for high resolution measurement of AC power frequency. The Power Frequency Monitor communicates easily with a computer using a RS232 interface. PHzMon – Power Line Frequency Monitor 10/09/07 SPI and EEPROM Unit Tests completed ASCII commands “0”..”9″ UART PC Interface Input

PIC24FJ64GA002 rs232 serial interface email protection

Microchip 16-bit Embedded Control Design Contest 2007. The project is collective around the Semiconductor PIC24FJ64GA002 microcontroller and entireness interactively with a Pole use hosted in a machine. The PC exhibit and keyboard are utilized to convey and succeed collection respectively to ‘Enigma’. It plugs in to the computer finished a Max3222 RS-232 programme port for

PIC30F4011 oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer 128×64 glcd

Scopey II: A Simple Scope and Spectrum Analyzer Facing the demise of my Tektronix 2213 in an somebody transport traveling, I featured the mind of either purchase an costly CRT to get it running again, or payment my nights aquatics ebay for other ambit. Having two not so uppercase options, and having conscionable mark with