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Multi-functional PICmicro Development Board (Breadboard Supported)

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quite an advanced picmicro trial, testing, project development cycle a lot of functions all resources shared also the circuit for testing c language prepared test program at (pıc_board_test.c) had the most excellent on the PCB Breadboard for the installation department leave have pic development circuit 7805 with a volt supply voltage dc 12v or 9v adapter leveling feature can run with

picmicro development board features

  1. 40 pin socket for example PIC18F442/452 PIC18F448/458 or or PIC18F4550
  2. 28 pin socket for example PIC18F242/252 PIC18F248/258 or
  3. accessible to all ports via Headers (females)
  4. Peripheral switchable with DIP switches
  5. two different LCD Connections
  6. 4 x 7-segment displays (with IC HEF4511 multiplexed)
  7. 2 x 8 LED’s
  8. 1 Potentiometer for analog simulation
  9. 1 Reset button to reset module
  10. 4 buttons
  11. I2C, etc. for 24C04
  12. 2 x RS232 with 1 x SUB-D socket (2 on pin header)
  13. Breadboard with 640 holes
  14. ICSP and ICD connection
  15. Power on Board
  16. Dimensions: 190mm x 140mm

picmicro development board

Multi functional PICmicro Development Board (Breadboard Supported) PIC Experiment board

source: hanf-elektrotechnik.de/ Multi-functional PICmicro Development Board schematic pcb files alternative link: multi-functional-picmicro-development-board.rar alternative link2 alternative link3

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