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RF Transceiver Example Water Gun Project Circuit TX434 ATMega8 RX434

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The RF transceiver with ATmega8 prepared samples prepared with C language software has all the source code for the application circuit used joke :) handmade by remote control a water gun at school students have soak :)

PET bottles used to store water gun ATMega8 reinforced with 13 mosfet pin number to pop the water tested. TX434 and RX434 RF modules used

Water Gun Project test

Austin Shaf 2010 – Atmega8 16PU Student Soaker – The ultimate school prank. A user will have the capability to spray students walking throught the halls with water without them knowing the source of the water. The student soaker will be placed above a ceiling board above the school’s hallway. The device will be connected to a pump that sprays water. The user activates the pump using a one channel transmitter. A receiver on the module’s end outputs a analog voltage that the ATmega8 reads. The speed of the pump is based on the analog voltage.

Source: hackaday.com/2010/06/17/student-soaker-wireless-water-gun/ RF Transceiver ATMega8 Example Water Gun Circuit files alternative link: rf-transceiver-example-water-gun-project-circuit-tx434-atmega8-rx434.RAR

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