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Sound Card Oscilloscope Circuits ADC0820

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With a simple circuit running through your sound card oscilloscope circuits I’ve seen in many places on this circuit is running parallel port lpt ADC0820 circuit is simple and consists of a few passive components.

For the measurement of your windows program and source code are given. Be careful when testing circuit for any errors that may harm your computer motherboard circuit can not measure the high voltage of 2V vicinity there are limits

oscilloscope with ADC0820 connected to the printer parallel port I found a great (and free) solution: Zelscope. It’s using the sound card and that’s all you need. The problem with this solution is that you just can’t get the sample rate more than 44kSamples/sec. That’s enough for audio signals(<15kHz), but not for 40kHz ultrasound signals. You need around 10 samples per cycle (or more) of the signal you are measuring to get any decent waveform to actually view.

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Sound Card Oscilloscope Circuits ADC0820 osiloskop devresi

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