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8051 ADC0808 Lcd Display Voltmeter

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ADC0808 analog / digital converter of the 8 analog inputs (IN0-IN7) and 8-bit digital output (OUT0-OUT7) are available. Entries will be transferred to the digital output of the converter which converted to 3-bit ADD, ADD B, and C address ADD is decided according to the tips. ADC0808 to run the ADC clock (Clock) at the end of about 10 KHz-1280 KHz frequency values ​​of the hour mark, which should be applied. VREF (+) terminal of the maximum amplitude of the analog signal to be sampled Vref (-) to indicate the minimum value of the signal to be sampled is used for. Applications Vref (-) usually bağlanır.start soil, OE (Output Enable) and the EOC (End of Conversion) are end-end control of the ADC0808.

8051 Voltmeter Schematic

8051 ADC0808 Lcd Display Voltmeter adc 8051 voltmetre 150x150

ADC0808 8051 Lcd Display Voltmeter keil source code and proteus isis simulation files: 8051-adc0808-lcd-display-voltmeter.rar author: Ebru Ağırcan

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