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Microcontroller 8052 8051 Projects Code Library

| 2011/06/07

Following the 8052, 8051 how much use I do not know, but quite a large code library 8051 8052 projects, 8052 8051 circuit and a lot more applications where a rşiv share wanted additional Linux software ISP programmer with the transferor’s. There are about 250 files “codelib.htm” file and can be accessed by clicking on…

8051 Microcontroller Up Down Counter Circuit (keil)

| 2009/02/02

With 8051 DOWN COUNTER The basic principle of this circuit based on the number entered from the keypad is left counting down or up. # On the keypad to make counting down and counting up pressing the * must be pressed to do. 8051 issues must be considered when programming the keypad is detected, the…

LCD Date Time Temperature AT89C52 DS18B20 DS1302

| 2009/02/02

Atmel microcontrollers with a good example for the use of DS18B20 DS1302 circuit 2 × 16 LCD display with 4 buttons in circuit adjustments can be made The first button is a long hold in seconds (h) setting switches to the second and third button with the settings is done after the first operation are…

AT89S52 DS1620 Thermometer Circuit (LCD Display)

| 2009/01/03

This project gave ds1620’n given as a result of the digitally using AT89S52 microcontroller is a graphic display of temperature information of the LCD screen. Moreover, the circuit ambient temperature when it reaches a temperature above 250C is no longer a red LED lighting in the same way as the ambient temperature drops below 250C,…

89C51 Digital Clock Circuit

| 2009/01/01

From the incoming data encoded in Port0 integrated 7-segment display with 7447 microcontroller integrated ulaşır.7447 binary code from the 7-segment display is used to show. So when it comes to 0000 a, b, c, d, e, f, g edu yanmaz.7 segment display LED lights bağlanmıştır.paralel parallel to each other using the same bus to the…

DS1302 RTC 8051 Digital Clock Circuit (LCD Display)

| 2008/12/24

8051 keil example application circuit LCD Display Digital Clock using DS1302 RTC 8051 Digital Clock Schematic 8051 Digital Clock Circuit keil source code and proteus isis simulation schematic files: FILE DOWNLOAD LINK LIST (in TXT format): LINKS-4652.zip author: @Aytan ASLAN

8051 Programmable Power Supply

| 2008/12/22

Circuit Operation: Circuit diagram appears in the 0-5 the entered value from the keypad circuit, which is connected to port P1 applied to the integrated DAC 0808 DAC output is obtained from the analog voltage. P0 port is connected to the 7-segment display of the absolute value of the voltage, which is connected to port…

AT89C51 DS1621 Thermometer Circuit

| 2008/10/17

AT89C51 Operation of the thermometer circuit DS1621 temperature sensor circuit using a digital thermometer will tell if I made​​. As a simple circuit operation is as follows; The numerical value obtained from the temperature sensor, microcontroller, with the help of the I2C serial communication protocol, this value is sent to the LCD and the microcontroller…

8051 Stopwatch Circuit with Lcd Display

| 2008/10/10

Stopwatch Circuit 8051 on behalf of the programming of integrated compiler program that is used too much in the present case. You are left with only the easiest to use and most advantageous for you to choose. 8051, which can be programmed Uvısıon2 KEIL compiler is without a doubt the most advanced ones, I think.…

LED Display Speed Meter Circuit with AT89C51

| 2008/10/07

Speed Meter Circuit consists of four parts. These Supply solid floor Sensor sensor, microcontroller and microcontroller solid hexadecimal numbers we obtained from the 7-segment display technology with time code converter solid. Program Keil µVision3 AT89C51 microcontroller. Supply DC 12V working with solids. However, by 7805 we have achieved solid display technology and microcontroller is supplied…