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STK4221 Amplifier PCB

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STK4221 amp It works just fine Like I said, 5.1 part of the system RL RR FR FL output stage was STK4221 It has been used CENTER and BASS Part PCB Editing after yayınlayacag this circuit PCB organize the I change has been more tidy now, in addition Feed for solid PCB’ve added a stereo for those who use I would suggest Prepared PCB Transformer 2x32v 450 … 500w Output Coils for 4x the 1.5mm wire wrapped on 8 spr can use fountain pens amp NGOs series quite well on the quality of etegre

STK4221 Af Power Amplifier 80+80 watt THD (Total harmonic distortion) 0.4%

STK4221 Amplifier PCB stk4221 big.thumbnail

PCB files. lay is the extension with Sprint-Layout 5.0 can open files in the program you do not use in monitoring and is free for Sprint-Layout-Print to viewerprogram use:

STK4221 pcb schematic: stk4221-amplifier-pcb.rar

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