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1W Amplifier with TDA2822M Stereo

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The 1 watt audio amplifier circuit presented here uses the famous TDA2822M integrated circuit, which is one of the most integrated amplifiers used in conventional PC. This integrated can deliver a maximum power of 600 milli-watts per channel, for a total of 1.2 watts.

The integrated circuit TDA2822M is a stereo amplifier in 8-pin type encapsulated MINIDIP. Its most common use is as an amplifier in radios, small game consoles, home computer speakers, among others.

TDA2822M 1W Amplifier Schematic Diagram

1W Amplifier with TDA2822M Stereo tda2822m schematic diagram stereo

1W Amplifier with TDA2822M Stereo tda2822m integrated circuit audio amplifier

You can work with voltages from 3 volts to 12 volts DC. Of course, if you plan to use it as a headphone amplifier is not necessary to use such high voltages. With 5 volts is more than enough. However you can work with speakers and the voltage of 5 volts delivering the computer USB port and you get a nice sound.

source: construyasuvideorockola.com 1W Amplifier circuit PCB alternative link: 1w-amplifier-with-tda2822m-stereo.rar

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