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600ma Current Limiting Circuit 12V 5V IRF9530

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The current limiting circuit shown in the diagram , especially as the drive power LED driver , this circuit can be used … Easy to use and inexpensive , keeping a constant level of output current regulator prevents damage . When a problem occurs on the transistor T1 circuit on the power consumption would be approximately equal to the input voltage . According to the circuit diagram of feedback resistor R4 to protect the transistor T1 with an additional current limiting circuit which is used.

600ma Current Limiting Circuit 12V 5V  IRF9530 power led driver 12volt 600ma 5volt 600ma mosfet current limit

Under normal circumstances, transistor Q2 is not my message . R1 and R3 resistance MOSFET T2 feeds . Outputs when overload occurs through transmission T1 , T2 applied to the back of the MOSFET and thus diminishes the resistance between drain and source increases , so current limiting occurs. The situation described here, the two outputs (X1 and X2 ) is a condition that applies to . Circuit should be the same as the input voltage output voltage regulator circuit was not so you can not 12v or 12v to 20v enter you can not enter the 5v or 12v to 12v 600mA 12.5V to the circuit if internal 5.5V or 5V 5V can be given ..

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