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1000W PFC Circuit UC3855

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1KW PFC Circuit UC3855 for its function requires a dc supply voltage of 10 to 20V . His sampling is during normal operation of 17 to 25 ma. The integrated circuit additionally contains the input VCC zener diode of 20V. The maximum current for this diode is, however, only 20 mA [19]. Therefore, it is safer for the diode not to take advantage i.e. to stabilize the supply voltage externally at the level of the lower than 20V.

1000W PFC Circuit Schematic UC3855

1000W PFC Circuit UC3855 pfc displacement quasi resonant boost converter uc3855 120x120

For the power supply of the integrated circuit will be selected, a voltage VCC = 15V. This voltage is sufficiently low compared to the limit of 20V, so the risk of damage to the circuit UC3855 is minimal. At the same time the voltage 15V is sufficient for fast and reliable control of switching transistors – when VCC = 18V is output the control voltage for the transistors type. It can be assumed that at UCC = 15V reaches the border of the 10V needed for the complete switching of the switching transistors . It will be used variant of the circuit UC3855BN, which has a limit of power on 10.5 V (as opposed to a variant of UC3855A

1000W PFC Circuit UC3855 1000w pfc pfc uc3855 power factor correction current distortion

1000W PFC Circuit UC3855 srcb 1000w pfc circuit pcb schematic all files alternative links: 1000w-pfc-circuit-uc3855.rar alternative link2

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